To whet your appetite …

To whet your appetite …

 … a sampler

 “The smell of her hair, the taste of her mouth, the feeling of her skin seemed to have got inside him, or into the air all round him. She had become a physical necessity.” — Orwell

 one shots

short stories


RATING: PG-16 to M (Please skip if you take issue with: swearing, bromance, sex, humor, violence, sarcasm, cavemen – esp the first and last)

DISCLAIMER: Stories inspired by 4 Lions Films’ serial – Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. No copyright infringement is intended. (If we owned this ficverse, Laxmi Raizada would be Boss.)


sm16  &  shipperK


  1. The S&K collection looks mindblowing !! Whatever I have read so far has been an absolute delight !! I can’t wait to read what else you have in store for us, your readers !! Brilliance defines the both of you and can’t wait for each new ride to begin !! ship13(IF)

  2. Am I get removed from all blogs? Bcoz I didn’t get any access to any stories. It’s some mistake happen from me??? That cancel my access. 🙁 waiting for reply 🙁

  3. Would love to read Your Two’s work…
    Of course silly of me ….
    I do need the access…which I am requesting….
    Much appreciate if You will ….
    Thanking You both….
    It’s ‘yaminiscorpio’….WordPress acct….

  4. Missing my hunny bunnies 🙁😯

    S and K where the heck you gals at ufff. Please drag your butts over to the blog and leave a note to let us know that you both are OK DAMMIT😤😔🙄lol..

    Take care and keep safe. Loads of hugs and kisses😙😙😙😙😙😙XOXO

  5. hi have read FWN nd some one shots thoroughly enjoyed them as can be seen in PG gallery. how to i get access to your
    ss adrift in turquoise sea, waiting for spring ,sauded , scarlet cafune and redamancy all of them trailers look wonderful
    my email

  6. i am surprised i found your blog so late. I have been an active reader on most of the ARSHI blogs and am so happy i found yours. would love to read all of them I just finished FWN and am in love with your writing style

  7. i just found this blog, and wow. you are wonderful with your words. i just happen to read farewell winter nights and i fell in love with the story. i wish i could read all your stories.

  8. What!!!!! how did I miss that you ladies have a different abode now???? No wonder I did not see any updates!! So I clicked on our previous communications which led me here!!! Now I wonder what all did I miss !!!!

  9. Hi….recently discovered this blog and i am in awe 9f it..and finished reading fwn in one go..that was freaking beautawsfulum…..😄🤣loved it…i dont know much but how do we get access to ur stories..plss do tell..i would love to read epilogue and splintered skies and saudade…plssss…my wordpress username is royalpooh and email is do reply….eagerly waiting…..

    1. Heh heh, welcome Royalpooh! It’s always delightful to receive new company in our little corner. We are terrible at maintaining a schedule, but I hope you’ve delved in and made some discoveries. 😀

      1. Thanku so much fr getting back to me…😀u dony inow how many times i have read FWN…and its a new experience each and every time….but i dont inow how can i read epilogue….plssss

  10. Thanks to Mirabell on Twitter, ended up tumbling upon this blog. So looking forward to start reading again, the pictures are totally dope and tempting to read.

  11. Hey, came across this and really liked it! Could u give me access to saudade and splintered skies! love your work!

    1. Aww thank you! Just click on the above images and you be lead down some interesting adventures. 😉

  12. Hey.. Awesomeness.. Best spilling of ink.. Shud seriously think upon the lines of publishing ur precious work girls.. Dying to get the access for FWN.. Wating..!!

  13. Hey.. Truly n madly waiting for the invite to join u.. Hope the wait ends soon.. Fingers crossed..!!

  14. Hey..
    I had always looked into your Ipkknd fickverse for the recommendations.. I never knew that you write as well.. Even now when I know, I have not been able to read much.. But I have read whatever of the Crimson Court is public.. I must tell u by whatever little I have read of your works.. Ur stories deserve a mention in almost all the lists that you have made for Ipkknd..
    Though I would love to read more of crimson court but I totally understand if u don’t want to yet add on to your list of readers.
    Nevertheless, you write amazingly well

    PS if you ever think of adding me to ur list of readers.. I am leaving my email ID..

    1. Welcome to our rabbit hole! Thanks for the sweet sentiment, always appreciated. ^^
      S and I are not really prolific writers, there’s a lot between our updates, but if you click around you’ll find a few interesting adventures.
      Crimson Court is on hold, but have you tried FWN?
      We completed it ages ago and a favorite among our readers:

      Have fun and don’t be a stranger.

  15. This is one very tempting index you have.

    I have read FWN some time ago and left a message for the access of protected parts of the story but didn’t get any reply yet.

    Really a beautiful story, I had a great time reading it but the experience is still incomplete as I haven’t read it all.

    I’m a history geek so I will grab crimson court with both hands, of course if I’m allowed to have that pleasure . 😅

    Saudade looks tempting too,

    So, can I have the pleasure of reading this treasure of index’s stories ?
    Am I allowed ? Can I come in ?
    Too many question marks! 😅

    I’m Very excited indeed 😂

  16. Oh lovely ladies with the power of pen and minds bursting with ideas wired to weave words together so beautifully! Where art thou? Art thou alright? I do pray that you are, my dear sisters! How’s the summer treating you? Having too much fun I take it?

    1. We’re here, we’re here. It’s simply been a wild month of fun & obligation. Since we drag our feet at both, our virtual lives suffer 😛
      You may be happy to note, we finally dropped you gals a little new desert adventure 😀

  17. My Lovies!!! My Sisters!!! My oh my how much I’ve missed hearing a word from you. I also did not want you to think I’ve left the sisterhood (wouldn’t dream of it to tell you the truth) and I hope you haven’t kicked me out because of my unduly absence. Med school has me on a very tight leash but I had to just stop in to let you know I’m still around and my love hasn’t died for our dear Arshi nor the worlds you create with your words nor for either of you. I may not have met you in person but I have a deep respect for the talent you possess and the skills in writing you both have clearly honed. With that said, I’m off again to go study I’ll drop in every now and again to say hi and if you’ve published anything to read and comment between now and Christmas where in that time I can be with you guys continuously for a few weeks. Take Care of yourselves and your loved ones til we speak next

  18. hi girls!!!! long time no see! I’m such a bad sister if I can even be considered to be one anymore. med school has been a big stick up my arse and my schedule gets tighter the further up I go. I’m on holidays days now and I raced to your peanut gallery to give my sincerest apologies for my absence and to inquire of your welfare. so how are you guys doing? I hope all is well with you and your family :)))))

  19. Hey..
    I m new here..
    Who is S n who is K ??
    wHat’s Suade ??
    Do tell me if I don’t sound rude ..
    I m an ardent fan of Arshi n Arshi fiction ..

  20. Can I just say my appetite is already whet? So much so there’s literally a flood? I’m ready for more. So so eager for more. Have mercy on me please and grant me reprieve

  21. Landed on this link from somewhere and amazing OS’s. Browsed through your other FF’s and read the rules of the peanut gallery…cute name by the way. I m thinking whether to start the FF since if no access is given it will be heart breaking not to read the end..
    Thanks for keeping writing and sharing the IPKKND FFs for us fans.

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