Waiting for Spring

I knew this would eventually happen… can’t sleep, so indulge me a bit yeah?

shipperK’s first Arshi one shot ^^

“What’s up my man?” NK asked as he plopped down on the opposite wooden bench, his squared head and spiked hair blocking the view.

Arnav ignored him, sliding over a few inches to see past the obstruction. Almost perfect. He never realized his best friend had such giant ears. He had to curb the impulse to yank them out of the way.

It was already ten minutes into the lunch hour, where was…


She was pretty, fuck, unbelievably pretty.

Long ,thick hair, so shiny it gleamed in the sunlight. She wore it straight, no curls, no hairclips, no stupid ponytails, just a beautiful stream of black falling to her waist. A body she didn’t show off by stretch of the imagination, but that didn’t mean a guy couldn’t see she had curves in all the right places.

She wasn’t tall, she wasn’t short. Tall enough she could slip on some heels and he’d still have to bend down to take her mouth, a mouth with full lips that begged for kisses. Her eyes were a clear green, like the fresh spear of spring grass. Even from the distance of six yards he could feel the impact of them. And he knew there was a space of eighteen feet between them because he had once mentally measured it.

Occasionally he would catch a mischievous a glint in them, as if she was thinking of something too delicious to share.

She was a smooth drink for his hungry eyes, but it was her neck that beckoned his gaze. The milky column enticed him like nothing else. He wanted to bury his nose in their soft curve, to inhale, to taste, to bite, to claim.

What would her scent be like?

Oblivious of his mental torture, she glided to her spot. A spot he made sure was always available to her from the day she first claimed it. Some girls walked, some skipped, a few danced, but she, always glided.

Folding her long legs, she sat gracefully down on the patch of grass, leaning against the giant birch tree, then unzipping her backpack, she rummaged briefly before pulling out a paperback.

Munching absently on a celery stick, she opened the book. He always knew the moment she became lost in a story, her eyes would gaze over a bit, and then she should haunch over slightly until her hair fell over it. It was fucking cute.

The curtain of hair was like a private screen. He liked it and he hated it. No one else gets to see her, but it also meant he was closed off too.

Three years. He had watched this routine for three years.

Arnav remembered the first time she caught his attention. She had just transferred to their school, her looks causing a stir among the male half of the sophomore class.

He had been standing with his crew when saw her make her way from the food court towards him. He had given her a casual once over, appreciating what he saw and expecting her to look up when she passed him. Girls always looked when they passed him.

He had inherited the Raizada good looks, and having made varsity basketball in his sophomore year, female attention had always been ample.

To his shock, she had walked right past him. Heading straight to the quiet corner, sat down, pulled out a paperback, tucked her hair behind her ears, exposing her slender neck as she promptly buried herself in a world far away.

She didn’t try to make friends; she didn’t try to catch attention. She was simply comfortable in her own company. The next day, he had herded the crew to the table adjacent to her tree. He did it again the following day, and the next.

He never approached her, merely sat on the stupid bench and watched her routine for one hour a day, five days a week, for three damn years.

Now in three months, senior year would be over and he wouldn’t even have this small piece of her to look forward to.

Damn him.

He would no longer be able to watch over her, making sure no fuckwad approached and poached on his territory. Arnav was jerked out of the thoughts when feminine arms wrapped around his shoulders.

Linda, Lynn, La, whatever her name was, draped herself over him. Didn’t these bitches understand personal space?

He shrugged her off- looking on with distaste as she smoothly transitioned herself over to NK- blocking a slice of his happiness. Spoiling the view of his Khushi.

None to gently, he kicked NK under the table, sending both nuisances toppling over to the side.

That was when he saw it.

No fucking way. What was that punk from the soccer team doing? They knew, every male in the school knew, not to approach her. He had made it clear on the field and off.

She was off limits.

Yet, Shyam looked determined as he headed towards Khushi, his gaze slid to Arnav, his chin lifting in challenge.

The fucker was going to talk to her.

He was going to ask her out.

Date her. Marry her. Make babies with her. Grow old with her.

Hell no. That was his.

She didn’t know it. They didn’t know it. But that was going to change.

Right this fucking minute.

Arnav’s body made the decision and carried it out before his brain caught up.

He stood to his feet, even at eighteen his height and build indicated clearly he was a full grown man. He stomped towards Shyam, fists clenched, teeth bared.

The spineless little snake froze in his tracks as he realized Arnav’s intent; a look of shock broke over his face as a bead of sweat gathered. Arnav crossed his arms and watched with a mixture of disgust and satisfaction when Shyam turned abruptly on his pansy ass and walked back to his table.

The idiot. She was worth fighting for. Clearly he wasn’t worthy of her.

His gaze turned towards the girl driving him slowly out of his mind. He felt amusement battle with exasperation as he noted her still bent head, didn’t she realize what he had just saved her from?

He knew he was done fighting. Three years of resisting her pull had taught him it was only going to get worse. Game on.

Arnav could feel the gaze of the entire student body on him as he continued towards her. For the first time he felt nerves skip down his spine. If he struck out, he would never be allowed to live it down.

Hell, that wasn’t an option. Arnav Raizada never struck out.

He walked forward until there was only a single foot of space between them. His heart was pumping so hard he was surprised she didn’t hear it. Focusing on the exposed curve of her neck, he cleared his throat.

She looked up and green clashed with black. Her gaze was serious as she studied him, as if measuring his worth.

“Hi,” he croaked as she continued to stare.

His eyes dropped to her lips, watching with fascination as they curved upwards.

“Was that so hard?”


“Coming to me.”

He stood gaping at her. “You knew?”

“Since the day you claimed that bench,” her head tilted towards NK and his friends.

“Then why didn’t you do anything?” he demanded, suddenly furious over the time they had wasted.

Khushi shrugged, eyes glinting with mischief, “I didn’t think it would take Arnav Singh Raizada three years to ask a girl out.”

Hearing her voice, calm, gentle, and so fucking sweet saying his name, he lost it.

Arnav threw back his head and laughed.

She looked passed his shoulders, suddenly aware of their audience and bit her lips.

Fuck him, she was cute.

Confidence restored, his hand reached out, pulled her up flushed against him while he wrapped the other gently around the nape of her neck.

He leaned in close. And inhaled. Sweet and fresh, she smelled of sunshine and spring.

Better than he imagined. Better than he could even dream. And he had plenty of dreams where she was concern.

“What are you doing?”

He smiled against her neck.

“Shhhh, give me a moment sunshine, I’m finally doing what I’ve wanted to do for years.”

Up close he decided her ears were pretty cute too. He gave them a light nip before tilting his head back. Her body froze. That’s right, Arnav thought, she was about to get the full doze of Raizada charm.

With her body pressed against his, the feel of her silky hair in his hand, her scent wrapped around him, Arnav made a decision.

He hadn’t planned it, hadn’t wanted it. Had fought it for a long time, but he knew, this was it.

She was it.

So with calm surety, before dozens of witnesses, he asked the most important question.

“You gonna be my girl?”

He felt her tremble in his arms.

“Yeah,” she answered, a little breathless, a little shy, but strong and sure.

Cute. Perfect. His.

……. 😀


  1. I could never quite wrap my head around the idea of someone liking or crushing on someone from afar for years but never making a move… And in this case, he even went as far as laying claim to her but stuck to watching her from across 18feet.

    Khushi was right. Was that so hard, Arnav?? 😛😛

    Linda, Lynn, La. whatever her name was. S
    draped herself over him. Didn’t these bitches understand personal space? 😂😂 I found that one very hilarious. Could be because I read it imagining a frustrated 18-year-old Arnav silently ranting and cussing in his head 😛

    Anyway, for a first one shot, this one was damn cute, K. 😊

  2. Wow.. Arnav took three long years just to ask her out and she have been knowing about it all.. kya ASR.. awesome shot.. The way Arnav is watching her.. loved reading this super awesome shot..

  3. Did I just discover the elusive Peanut gallery? I followed the breadcrumbs on Twitter…so much to read. 👌🙏🏽

  4. This made me laugh. He’s so macho yet immature in cutest way possible. Tough that took 3 years to ask a girl out. Added to that you mentally measured the distance between where you and her sit at lunch time but you’re gonna cordon her off from other guys and mark territory fretting that she’s gonna go as far as marrying and having babies with some guy that decided to approach her. The contrast and the conflict in Arnav is soooooo entertaining. Great one as always guys.

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