“Liebestraum” Franz Liszt

Stay. The word caressed his mind, tender tendrils twisting into shackles. The trek across the airport terminal had been a struggle, each step birthing more chains, links of iron biting into flesh. He half expected his bones to crack under the weight.

It was those damn pleading eyes. Someone had found it fitting to deposit thunder clouds in to virescent worlds. Cosmic mysteries suspended on a delicately carved golden canvas that doused the flame of logic with ease.

Or perhaps his susceptibility lie not in beauty, but of being born neither master nor servant to numbers. Sewing himself under the businessman’s skin had been an act of self-preservation, basic survival instinct of a creature wounded.

Much later he had discovered that such an unnatural deed came with a corresponding price tag. The shell gnawed with grisly hunger at the soul, chunks of humanity devoured over the course of years until nothing remained of the boy.

The man had been content once the heart’s chambers fell dormant in quiet acceptance of its owner’s willful neglect. But something had changed. The beginning of which he could trace back to a moment in the rain.

Arnav’s eyes drifted toward the street lamp. Liquid pelted metal, framing the light with a fine mist. An exhale of smoke breathed life into the random splatter. His lungs seized as the painting gained vividness.


Wrapped in thin folds of clinging red she stood shivering in Delhi’s downpour. Punishment for pinching his ego. Yet, it was he who was held hostage in that parking lot. Feet nailed to pavement, preoccupied with a strange impulse to understand the uncommon weaves that made the tapestry of Khushi Gupta.

Hair matted to her forehead, lips chilled to bruises, and still her eyes spit fire at him. She was fucking magnificent. He had been torn by the opposing desire to kiss her senseless and to put as much distance between them as possible.

It was an intersection he found himself at repeatedly. Ultimately veering right despite every cell screaming for that left turn. Because he knew such a turn meant a collision with disaster, one in which there was no chance of recovery.

He had managed to aim leaden feet towards the building when the threat of oncoming headlights broke across his peripheral vision. Consciousness was relegated to a backseat passenger until he felt her fingernails digging into his skin. Only then did he realize his body had molded around hers as a shield.

While his arms absorbed her tremors, the knowledge of taking the wrong turn sunk in. In diverting danger from her, he had put himself directly in its path. But did he seek to immediately rectify his error by letting go and getting the hell away?

No. He had tighten his hold. With subtle shifts of bodies, it became an embrace. The air between them ignited, bolts of desire lashed across flesh as man and woman danced at the edge of recognition. He’d pulled back then, just enough to tilt his head down. Droplets of rain kissed his skin, heating, then stroked her upturned face.

Gravity was the victor that night, he had been powerless to resist the pull of the familiar stranger. Before he could regain his bearing, she’d tumbled into the hollowed halls that hung at his core.

It emitted soft thuds, faint and weak, until it latched to the rhythm of hers. Vigorously pumping until violet bloomed into red, coursing through the nooks and crevices, resurrecting wants and needs, dragging his soul from the shadows.


Arnav reached towards the glass pane, the twined figures dispersed upon his touch, merging with the last lacy wisps of the dying cigarette. Tension seeped through his hands before they balled into fists. The unshakable sense of danger that had punctured sleep now corded his muscles. Fuck.

He snatched the cellphone from the nightstand. The ringing pierced his ears as he waited.

“Khushi?” he bit off the moment the call connected. He was met with static silence before it was ended abruptly.

A chill climbed his back, settling into bones. That wasn’t her. Their silences thrummed of awareness, a thin curtain between a deluge of unspoken words. It had never left him cold.

He punched in another call, knowing this one would go through immediately.

“Aman, get me on the next plane to Delhi. Tell the cab I’ll be down in ten.”

Arnav tossed the phone aside, coloring the room with vicious curses as he made quick work of packing. The cobwebs of doubt dispersing with each tick of the clock. Out of fear of being led by his dick, he’d walked right into the viper’s nest. Because he had been polluted by past events, she’d been made to suffer. Again he’d allowed old ghosts to steal from him – from them.

Later. He’ll deal with his brother-in-law later.

Khushi needed him. The rest will hold.


Lavanya Kashyap pried her fingers from its white knuckled grip on the phone. Between the beats of silence, hesitation and omission had mated and bore the seed of deception.

He would never forgive, but she prayed he would forget.

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  1. Well, that ended on a bang.

    With you…I never quite know what’s going on, although my guesses have been accurate previously, so I will hold off theorizing on Lavanya’s involvement here.

    As for the rest of the chapter, dammit K, you weave such a spell with your words. Enchanting, that’s what this series has been so far, and the promise of more is only making me more impatient than I am.

    I love the premise. The airport departure was such an angst-filled, deliciously emotion rich scene that was later made a mockery off with the kidnapping track. Imagine my joy at finding the scene in such capable hands after all this time.

    I am in love.

    Make that soon-isn, soon please!


    1. Darling Ridz, you know how lengthy my ishes can be. But thank you for joining me on this angst ridden journey that will sure leave some scratches. I can’t guarantee a salve for the scars, but hopefully the memory will be worth the burn.

  2. WOW!!!…..It was amazing dearie…
    your writing style is awesome and the words u used was ..I can’t even explain
    it gives me feeling that it’s really happening…
    You are an awesome writer K..
    keep it up….
    waiting to read more of it 🙂

  3. How dare you leave me gasping for breath.. suspended at a precipice …… not knowing what’s coming next?????
    And Lavanya? what?.. why?…. Please come back to Sau da de .. soonish if you will 🙂

  4. Nice story…
    Arnav is thinking about khushi …he is accepting his feeling?

    Remembering her…
    Loved the parking scene. .so he is coming for khushi ?

  5. The epic rain sequence where it all started was relived here with great wizardry of words, his anguish at having left her and sensing the danger is quite palpable and a very intriguing end. And oh Boy can you write!!!

  6. I watched you from the edge of solitude
    A gleaming rainbow of colors and city lights
    Look away, she said, It’s a shadow not more
    And yet here I came, curious to find
    A world of little gems, tales of magic, hidden trysts and talismans
    Magic it must be that you weave in words,
    Strung together with delicate carelessness and brazen defiance
    Watch me you say as your fingers dance over keys
    And I fall in love

    PS: I have known of your world for a while and I am finally here. Bravo to talent. Ficverse seems to be but a cloak of humility. This is actual magic (And yes, Dr. House, there is such a thing)

    1. Meera,
      I need to spill a bean. For weeks since seeing your message, I would sneak in here occasionally to stare and maybe do some serious fangirl cartwheels. 😀 I even risked rudeness in this long delayed response, simply because some things should be cherished with silence. Thank you for sliding into a piece of my world and leaving your footprint. It means so so much.

  7. Chanced upon this….and thank God for Chances….
    enjoying….cant wait for this to unfold…

  8. Wow…

    Arnav is hurting because he hurt khushi…

    What went wrong after epic rain seen…

    Why he left her???

    Now who puck up the call when he callec khushi???

    Is the call picked up by La?
    Or La is with Arnav n heard him when he spoke to Aman…

  9. Brilliantly worded, his first real concious need for her against him in the rain delhi night. I felt that there was far more unsaid in that scene than any other. Funnily enough he never held La that close, maybe that was he frst sign that shd held the keys to his heart. Beutifully written and quite intriguing, why did La have Khudhi phone? Did he ever realise that she would be alone in her room with the devil himself? and she never had an inkling to lock the bedroom doors behind her? Well done!

    1. Thank you sweetheart! And a fantastic observation regarding La. It is the subconscious actions of our bodies that is most revealing of feelings yes?

  10. IPK fandom is blessed with AMAZING & TALENTED writers.I think this is the sentence of today for me coz.. i just commented on another writers blog the same thing. And I would repeat that again. And dear you are one among them.
    The part where the rain sequence disappears as Arnav tries reaching it, had such a cinematic effect. Absolutely stunning.
    “The man had been content once the heart’s chambers fell dormant in quiet acceptance of its owner willful neglect. But something had changed. The beginning of which he could trace back to a moment in the rain.”
    my fav scene concisely put together and beautifully worded the same as the scene was performed. this was the first scene I watched of IPK and fell in love with it .
    And I am really curious about Lavanya.

  11. There is something about reflection, isn’t there? It isn’t the same as recollection. To think back is one thing, but to pause long enough and reflect, is to confront a part of yourself. Those moments when the mind cannot (and refuses to) hold what it retains inside. That’s when those finer details come spilling to the forefront, the little gaps filling with truths and connecting with emotion. – The ‘doer’ after that will always ‘do.’ There is no hesitation.

    I’m glad to see that bit if characterization plucked and hammered on here. It was sadly and annoyingly missing from the show. A was a doer (considering his successes etc) so the clueless hesitation trotted out all the time when it came to K was always lost on me. I never understood how a man like that could not be in touch with his emotions, or even believe he had any? What the hell had driven him all along then?

    I appreciate this pause for reflection, and you’ve done a beautiful job of keying in where the mind needs to be keyed in (in my opinion) – No “OMG is this an EMOTION I’m feeling? Geez, whatdoIdo now?”

    More on the writing itself later. I have things to say 🙂

  12. This is marvellous. he is remembering his past encounters with her and accepting his feeling for her. This is the deep connection between their soul that he could sense difference over phone. He could differentiate between silence.
    Loved your creations of important scenes from the show, and I am looking forward to read more of such marvellous updates.
    Waiting for the mystery behind lavanya. Why she called him being Khushi? But his heart know she is not Khushi.
    It will be whole new experience of IPK through your beautiful words.
    Thanks again for inviting me.

  13. How beautifully you write! The businessman’s dormant heart is waking up after that moment in the rain. There is something about these two that after so many years, still find it hard to find anything else to match the chemistry they had! And you are bringing it alive again with this angst ridden story – thank you!

  14. The parking lot rain scene is very beautifully described…I did t get why he thought Khushi was in danger…can’t wait to read the Lavanya suspense

  15. I finally know why I love reading over watching…….through writer can take you right into the heart of the character, to make their feelings more real, therefore making the whole experience more surreal.
    I am intrigued by Arnav’s emotions – he’s so much more than an arrogant jerk.
    Loving it.

  16. how come i miss this story?

    i just received a email message about the new entry .

    the brother-in law an lavanya ( but a negative one)

    the combination seems interesting.

  17. Always thought the rain sequence was a landmark in the A & K relationship , it sort of stayed in your mind visually and your writing gave words to the passion and earthiness so obvious in the scene.
    This style of writing is like stringing many asymetrical south sea pearls together to form a beautiful string each pearl by itself is a beauty and when together they
    Become perfect.

  18. Your writing is simply beautiful… loved the way you put into words the car parking scene will in the rain… loved reading Arnav’s perspective about how difficult it was to leave khushi knowing that ‘disaster’ awaited him if he let himself collide with her !! ship13(IF)

  19. Splendid writing! I don’t know if I had commented earlier but it seems all new. The mystery and agony comes through and visualizing the rain sequence from the serial made no justice compared to how intense your writing came across. Looking forward to reading the story as it unfolds!

    1. Awww, good to see you and thanks for leaving some nuggets for me to chew on. 😀
      The serial was clearly targeting children, we like to push the boundaries a bit more around here 😉

      1. Haha true and I don’t think the audience would digest the boundaries 😉. Books are always left to the writers and readers imaginations and emotions are much more intense for one do any justice.

  20. Wow… I am so happy after reading this. The emotions that you are making us feel. I can actually see everything in life form while I am reading. Love you guys. Keep it up…

  21. A magical lapse of time and I get to read this rivetting tapestry of words. You spin magic and bring out all the nuances of the unsaid in that rain scene. Poetry in prose.

    I got notice of this in my inbox just a while ago and am reading it all in one go.

  22. What is going on cannot make out where does lav comes in this picture beautifully written and loved the airport scene waiting for more to come

  23. Welcome back K 🙂
    Loved the epic rain sequence……..
    So Arnav did hurt khushi
    It seems Lavanya and Shyam are negative……Shyam the snake is like once negative always a negative but Lavanya?? Why?
    Off to read the next one 🙂

  24. The words you weave to tell the story and show the feelings of the character are a absolute joy to read.

    Intrigued with las involvement in this.

  25. The airport scene was brilliantly depicted………he had a hitch that she was right…….but still left without looking back…….his past has overtook him…..he was lost in his past………….he remembers the car parking incident when he punished her and he went and rescued her when she was in danger………he wanted to run away from her but he is drawn to her……..Awesome……..It should be Lavanya who called him……….

  26. I am so late in reading this.. But this absolutely dives into some of the best pieces I have ever read on ArHi fanfic.. That airport scene was one of the best in the entire series.. And you have outshone even the visual senses.. Hats off !

  27. ‘’you girls are ‘’ fucking magnificent ‘’ you have put words to the desire and need to run in that iconic rain scene that even after years remember- Aage bhi na Jane doon , peeche na Jane doon .
    I hope Lavanya’s deception is not vitrolic.

  28. Never read such a beautiful depiction of the parking lot seen ever… Your words make me actually go through all the emotions that the characters are feeling… Wonderful piece of writing

  29. So… I’m sitting on the rooftop, another place of solace. And it’s fucking cold my fingers are stiff and giving me a hell of a time to write this comment. But I’m pretty sure the chill going up and down my spine was not a outcome of the chilly night.

    This story is flowing poetry, K.. An Agonizing, gut wrenching, heart clenching piece of poetry.

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