Peanut Gallery FAQ

Peanut Gallery FAQ


If you’ve been secretly stalking,

do hit the follow button to tell us you’re there

If you’ve been silently reading,

please hit the the like buttons to show us you care

If you’ve been quietly loving,

we hope you’ll fire up the peanut gallery on our dare

Come on, come on, ladies, this is not Solitaire!

To missing-in-action VIPS,

your retreat to the Kingdom of Hush is making us sulk and swear

Won’t you come back out from the walls

before we expire on the Captain’s chair?

Now to the darlings who have kept us company

with their cheer and share

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts

for helping us build this rabbit lair

For all of you, we are diligently working on forever

for Happiness and her billionaire! πŸ˜€

Playground Rules:

#1 Do NOT copy and/or repost any and all works seen throughout this site without our expressed permission.

#2 Harmful or derogatory language towards other members of this community will NOT be tolerated.

#3 Obnoxious demands for updates/access to private areas will be ignored.


Who Are You?:

After one Arnav Singh Raizada & Khushi Kumari Gupta tumbled into our hearts, we found ourselves burning endless midnight candles as we delved into the labyrinth of the IPKKND Ficverse. After several years of being wooed by the enchanting pens of our peers, we took the plunge into the world of fanfic writing.

Today we’re proud members of the Bleeding Sisterhood (not a cult!), snatching Zzzzs like bandits while we pound at the keys, fangirling on social media, and taking secret pleasure in torturing our readers with endless Refresh Hells. πŸ˜€

There’s Β S (aka SM16, The Prof, General S, MouthySouthy) & K (aka shipperK, Captain, Commander in Chief, Dictator, Sarge, KillerK)

Spend enough time around us, you’ll figure out the nicknames πŸ˜›


What the Heck is the Peanut Gallery?

The comment section at the bottom of each update. It’s the space for you to share your thoughts, fangirl, make suggestions and chitchat.


Why Can’t I Be a Silent Reader?

You can. However, to us, fanfic writing is a community activity. We write and share, you read and comment.

We are searching for engaged minds to keep the creative juices flowing and prefer to buffer ourselves against Trolls.

Thus, if you choose not to engage, please do no ask for access to our private lounges.

We like to get to know our readers, so don’t be shy! We don’t (okay RARELY) bite. πŸ˜€


Do All Your Stories Take Place in the ipkknd Universe?

So far, yes! However that is about to change as we’ve fallen into lust with Murat & Hayat from Ask Laftan Anlamaz. πŸ˜‰


Are Your Stories Complete?

Hahaha. HA!

Please add the following words to your lexicon should you decide to stick around.

Refresh Hell & Soon-ish πŸ˜›

OS Collection: Waiting for Spring, Adift, Except the Naked Truth, Cafune

Complete FF: Farewell Winter Nights

Work in Progress: Saudade, Crimson Court, Ampersand


  1. Hi a big fan of yours after readin Farewell Winter Nights. Loved it especially because of the unexpected behaviour of ASR. To ind he is wrapped around his Khushi. The basis of all asr and Khushi stories falling in love is inevitable and for hamesha. So fascinating is how different authors spin around this central idvea

  2. Hello there S&K! I came upon your blog via ipkknd ficverse today and haven’t regretted clicking on the link. I’ve commented my thoughts on the works I’ve been able to view and I must say how splendid and absolutely delightful the little world you create with your words is. Because of the treasure I’ve realized I came upon I am desiring to be apart of your sisterhood. To be a committed sister at that. So thank you guys for sharing your stories with us

    1. Heh heh, we are terrible at maintaining a timely schedule, but do love good company. Welcome to the sisterhood! I hope you enjoy exploring our rabbit hole – don’t be a stranger!

  3. Hi loved FWN. Can you inform any other of your completed works. To start an ongoing work leaves me in an uneasy suspended animation. You had one on Wattpad

  4. I have read farewell nights..commented and loved each episode. To go further how shall I proceed I want to read the OSwork in progress and future works…please advice

  5. So glade to be here once again
    I was just wondering most of all the good ff are over and closed I did t have anything steamy to read. Now I have. Life just got exciting again.

  6. Hi S & K!!! How are my sisters doing? If I’m being honest I just wrote this message to you guys to just say hi and to see how you are doing. I finally got down to do some serious studying after so long lol, but who am I kidding? It’s because I know my first exam is less than a week and a half away and I don’t plan on failing anything by the grace of God. So as soon as I’m done I’ll be right back here. I can’t wait. So til then take good care of yourselves and your loved ones. God bless you both.

    1. You mean you left this message because you missed our witchy awesomeness πŸ˜€
      Be a good girl and study, so you can be a big girl and do whatever the hell you want later in life.
      Hopefully by the time you make it back these lazy fingers will lift themselves and deliver something to nibble on πŸ˜‰

      1. You’re right S, I do miss yours and K’s witchy awesomeness. Plus you’re spot on about the part where I should study now so I can do whatever the hell I want later in life because things have been really tough lately and my education is my only way out of it. So I’ll put on my big girl panties and get straight to it.

        P.S My exams end May 16th after that you can’t rid of me.

        P.S.S. I do pray I get something to nibble on by the time my exams end too. I think it would make a most fitting reward for all the stress that exams would’ve pressed upon my shoulders, the perfect way to de-stress.

  7. Hi S & K, how’re you doing… hope everything’s going well for you guys… it’s been so long, so just thought of saying hello… missing you guys and your Arshi… hope to hear from you soon…take care😊😊

  8. That’s an amazing intro. I’m new onto the blog of yours but I’ve read my fair share of IPKKND fics on IF and I cannot wait to expand my horizons. BTW I’m Harshita. Its nice to meet you both. Hope I’m not too late to the party. Looking forward for some kind of reply to know this place is well and alive.<3

  9. Hello ,

    For my curiosity and sanity , plz can you give me access to the FF?

    Is it posted here or are you re writing ?


  10. I posted a comment on Waiting for Spring, and one on the home page, however they don’t appear.. πŸ˜•
    Am I the only one having this problem or is it a technical glitch in the site?

  11. Hello S & K,
    Almost a first time reader of your story, FWN. Was a silent reader, had read about 3 chapters some years back and then just lapsed. I hope to finish this story this round. I am catching up!! I have read your rules and will abide. : )

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