Peanut Gallery FAQ

Peanut Gallery FAQ


If you’ve been secretly stalking,

do hit the follow button to tell us you’re there

If you’ve been silently reading,

please hit the the like buttons to show us you care

If you’ve been quietly loving,

we hope you’ll fire up the peanut gallery on our dare

Come on, come on, ladies, this is not Solitaire!

To missing-in-action VIPS,

your retreat to the Kingdom of Hush is making us sulk and swear

Won’t you come back out from the walls

before we expire on the Captain’s chair?

Now to the darlings who have kept us company

with their cheer and share

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts

for helping us build this rabbit lair

For all of you, we are diligently working on forever

for Happiness and her billionaire! πŸ˜€

Playground Rules:

#1 Do NOT copy and/or repost any and all works seen throughout this site without our expressed permission.

#2 Harmful or derogatory language towards other members of this community will NOT be tolerated.

#3 Obnoxious demands for updates/access to private areas will be ignored.


Who Are You?:

After one Arnav Singh Raizada & Khushi Kumari Gupta tumbled into our hearts, we found ourselves burning endless midnight candles as we delved into the labyrinth of the IPKKND Ficverse. After several years of being wooed by the enchanting pens of our peers, we took the plunge into the world of fanfic writing.

Today we’re proud members of the Bleeding Sisterhood (not a cult!), snatching Zzzzs like bandits while we pound at the keys, fangirling on social media, and taking secret pleasure in torturing our readers with endless Refresh Hells. πŸ˜€

There’s Β S (aka SM16, The Prof, General S, MouthySouthy) & K (aka shipperK, Captain, Commander in Chief, Dictator, Sarge, KillerK)

Spend enough time around us, you’ll figure out the nicknames πŸ˜›


What the Heck is the Peanut Gallery?

The comment section at the bottom of each update. It’s the space for you to share your thoughts, fangirl, make suggestions and chitchat.


Why Can’t I Be a Silent Reader?

You can. However, to us, fanfic writing is a community activity. We write and share, you read and comment.

We are searching for engaged minds to keep the creative juices flowing and prefer to buffer ourselves against Trolls.

Thus, if you choose not to engage, please do no ask for access to our private lounges.

We like to get to know our readers, so don’t be shy! We don’t (okay RARELY) bite. πŸ˜€


Do All Your Stories Take Place in the ipkknd Universe?

So far, yes! However that is about to change as we’ve fallen into lust with Murat & Hayat from Ask Laftan Anlamaz. πŸ˜‰


Are Your Stories Complete?

Hahaha. HA!

Please add the following words to your lexicon should you decide to stick around.

Refresh Hell & Soon-ish πŸ˜›

OS Collection: Waiting for Spring, Adift, Except the Naked Truth, Cafune

Complete FF: Farewell Winter Nights

Work in Progress: Saudade, Crimson Court, Ampersand


  1. Yaaay! That was a lovely Intro! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ» Getting to know you guys all over again is fun! Agree to all the rules! And Really Looking forward to read Crimson Courts, That Pre-lude that we got long time ago is still breathtaking and we are waiting to hear news from you guys on that as well as an update too! πŸ˜‹ All the best!

  2. just followed the site… i was expecting you to take at least a two-weeks time to set up a new home… but my dear girls… this was unexpected and awesome surprise…. thank you… πŸ™‚

  3. My favorite part of this newest endeavour would have to be the monikers of the lead team. Laughing. Of the list I shall select my nouns of choice and forever after refer to you as that(maybe), so it will have to take careful thought… KIller K is easy … But S we have to do better for you than General S… hmmmm… I shall put my thinking cap on…
    Love and regards,

  4. Welcometo your new home,

    Love your stories.
    Also really appreciate the pain you both have taken to put together the Ficverse – which has lead me to many beautiful Arshi stories, that I would never have known of otherwise.
    So thanks.
    Looking forward to…well everything that is on offer. 😊

  5. Gosh… girls are rocking……AWESOME!!!! A big round of applause that goes on and on! The layout of this new site is damn good…..truly inspired writers! I simply love to read your unique stories and glad that i discovered you girls tough late but it’s really worth! These names pair goes well…..General S-Killer K and The Prof-Sarge!!! All the best ad good luck….will stay tuned and be there to comment on each updates. Thank you and with love Eka😍

  6. Hello,
    I am looking forward to read all your stories especially crimson court and FWD. I can wait wait to Murat and hayat one shot.
    All the best for your writing. πŸ˜€

  7. Dear girls,

    This new blog is simply fabulous…………

    Heartiest Congratulations on this blog………………

    I loved the idea & concept of this blog………………

    Please begin ‘Crimson Court’ soon……….

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  8. Cool😊
    I am selfishly happy I didn’t miss out on SP edition or CC while I was away from the ficverse. (Hope you will let me in again)

  9. I full on agree to your rules and looking forward to read all the interesting stories you guys come up with.. I am all set.. I am not a silent reader or a follower but will be there giving my two cents on your every update.. that’s gonna me with you guys on this journey and promise won’t let you down.. Best of Luck guys.. excited to be a part of this journey πŸ™‚

  10. Nice intro and clearly stated rules. I feel I should take an oath. ” I solemnly swear to follow the rules, only the rules and nothing but the rules. So help me God.” Glad that you are not letting plagiarism get the better of you. I love the new layout and all the pics. It’s like a thumb nail version of the entire story.

  11. wow !!!!!
    another fantabulous start by you two…
    can’t wait for the real fun to begin….
    looking forward to your brilliant writings…
    thank you so much for letting us know….
    cheers ….

  12. The rules are straightforward and simple, I volunteer myself as your PG enforcer. πŸ˜€
    LMAO, I want to know the origin of MouthySouthy S!

  13. It’s awesome to have you guys back! I can imagine how infuriating it must be to find out that people are copying your work!! But thanks for coming back. I am looking forward to all the amazing adventures you have planned! πŸ™‚

  14. This is absolutely interesting. Looking forward to reading and fangirling over Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon and its amazing ability to still hold us captive in its beauty such that when someone asks “After all this time?, we only answer – “Always.” <3

  15. It is fun to not just read your hot and talented writings but equally good are all the comments. Ladies, weather perfect, snacks ready, coffee or oban depends on the time of dayπŸ˜‰. So set for receiving anything you want to throw our way.

    Love you S & K❀️️❀️️

  16. Hi I had read your one shots and really liked them also crimson court I would love to be a part of your journey pls include me inn your list looking forward

  17. Well your rules r pretty good considering what happened with the blogs of my 2 fav writers recently. Infact there stories r d one which force me to make an account on this site & comment on every update. I have seen your blog on one of their Twitter account, i think it was jigs, & decided to come here.

    & I m not disappointed. Read all your one shots. Sry for not commenting individually but i just loved your twist to after dance scene & after their marriage scene. Your story on disabled arnav touched my heart. True a man takes on his imperfection very hard. Kudos for that one.

    Now i m looking forward to farewell nights. It looks mighty enticing with pictures & titles. I m looking forward to your description of New York. I loved d description of Chicago in jigs story. Since u all live there i get to know about different cities & their culture via these stories. Atleast a glimpse, which is exciting for me. I m not socially active on Twitter but after expressing my comments on some finest stories i understand the need of writer for appreciative readers. Will try to abide by your rules.

  18. Hi, read FWN, fell in love with it❀️ was waiting for crimson court, read till volume 3… I didn’t know this story was password protected😭 missed it for long… could you please give me the access to enter also dying to read ALA.

  19. Be live it or not i watched IPKKND for the first time oct 2016 on hotstar, and fell in love with the arnav khusi and mami, since then seen it 3 times over and am now devouring up on all Arshi FF OS SS…keen to read yours , as i love the start & by the comments section i am sure your stories are fabulous. so far my favourites writers are Bingala, Rockbarbie, and JenniferM (IPK0070)
    would appreciate suggestions on some other writers or stories to read (Arshi only)

  20. Came across your website while reading Jenny’s story….
    Gave it a go. Intrigued….
    Interesting…read a bit more…
    Just got sucked into the whirlpool of Your Ink….
    Look forward to swirl in that whirlpool…
    Look forward to CC….& FWN…..
    The matter of fact anything You Two Ink…
    SM16 !!!!

    saffron’s Ramblings…

  21. Such a wonderful blog. I was impressed with ficverse and can’t wait to explore and experience this blog! Love your gifs πŸ™‚

  22. Okay then from the above goof up you must get an idea of my intelligence on techno..😐
    Anyways, I dont remember how I stumbled on this blog, but had to dig my brains to remember my id n password to comment here πŸ˜ƒ
    Coming to your FWN, this is the story that got me interested in IPK fiction again. All the characters having different charecteristics is something that makes FWN completely unique n enjoyable. Like for a change Aman is not the PA n Anjali is not that pityful sister. Nk n Robbie are the backbone of not only Arshi but also of FWN.
    So far I have read only FWN n I see u have other stories too, will surf that all.
    Would like to read this further, pls allow me an access to it. My email id is
    Thank you for sharing this awesome work (stories) with us. Appreciate it !!

    1. hi dear. very happy for both of you. this new place is awesome. but i’m little lost here. i lost my access in this process. try to msg you but my msg not reach yo plz grant me access. so missing you both. come back soon πŸ™‚

  23. I really love this site and introduction.looking forward to read all u r stories.i will definitely follow u

  24. Awesome work guys. By chance came across u’re blog. By far the best arshi stories i’ve come across.

  25. I was looking for letterbox arshi story on Tumblr and google also gave me this jewel too. Been jumping from one site to another finally , hopefully found the SITE ? ! please point out to me where is that darn “Follow Button” ? Thanx

  26. Finally!!!! Somehow I lost the link and was wondering what happened with S&K as I used to read FWN and leave my comments on each part. Now I know where to finf S&K πŸ˜€
    Can’t wait to read the special edition. Thanks a lot for writing FWN as it is going to be one of my fav FFs ever!!!!
    PS: I am ready for a second ride as well. Will leave my comments once I start reading FWN again πŸ™‚

  27. I read all 4 nights in one go! And I’m in love with this story! I don’t know how I missed out on this one! You girls are rocking it ❀️


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