“Sixteen Waltzes, Op. 39” ― Johannes Brahms

One month earlier

She kept her eyes fixed on his face, watched as orbs of ember flare with pain, driving anguish across the harden planes.

Why? The wild bullet ricochets in her head, seeking escape. The tense fingers hovering at her knees locked together. Something about his lonely silhouette had her biting down on her lips until slick copper filled her mouth, drowning the question at the base of her throat.

Their connection had played out on many stages, each act painstakingly revised until a hypnotizing promise of ‘us’ emerged from the ashen solitude of ‘you’ and ‘I’.

On the strength of butterfly wings, she’d begin to weave the red threads of a most tender dream. Of a warm presence beside her, soothing whispers in her ear, gentle lips meeting hers in the dark. A lover, in whose arms would be a small world, a safe haven for secrets and fears, hopes and desires. A home to call her own.

Since childhood far too many hands had captured her spirit, folding and refolding until it matched the appropriate proportions of the social mold. She had been afraid it would morph into something unrecognizable, fragile and tragic. So she’d fought, long uphill battles that yield tiny victories. It was just enough. She was still Khushi.

On the eve she was prepared to lay down her defenses, to offer everything, she’d learned she was wrong. He wasn’t the dream lover she yearned for. No, he was her opponent. And he hated her.

The brilliant blue that had sent rivulets of sunshine dancing along her skin was devoured by streaks of faded hues, coalescing into a heavy blanket of grief. A sharp ache coursed through her as she inhaled, pierced deeper as she exhaled. Exhausted she looked away, glancing up as the sky cracked under the weight.


He had been intently cataloging everything he loathed about the woman separated by the glass panel when she broke their eye contact. The sudden loss of her gaze jarred. His knuckles cracked with strain as he fought the urge to storm over and tilt back that stubborn chin. His muscles were screaming from the relentless tension. No part of his body was spared from this wretched throbbing.

The bride amid his garden was rose and thorn. Dream and nightmare. His and not.

Why? Arnav clamped down on the question blistering the edge of his tongue as a kaleidoscope of unwanted images dug into the trenches of his mind without mercy. It fed the disparaging conflict of the desire for truth and deep rooted fear of her confirmation.

Worst, his chief tormentor wasn’t the devil of betrayal; no it was a far crueler mistress – hope. Within a crazed beat of desperation he had allowed it control over his actions, laughable actions. A dramatic elopement that ensured tangible ties between himself and the woman he –

The wolf in his chest snarled as it tore into another piece of flesh. Despite hours of rapacious feasting, the damn organ would not quit. When the beast threatened to devour the last scrap, it would valiantly fend off the attack and rebuild itself. Pulsing and pumping until life poured back inside.

Arnav shut his eyes, forcibly ignoring the warfare at his center. But even here, alone with his thoughts, there was no peace. His mind was a field of jumbled lines of thoughts, running circles of aggravated emotions, each adding to the dark shadows of his cloak of misery.


The boom of rainwater thrashing the roof filled his ears just before the scent of heartbreak assaulted him.

Startled, Arnav opened his eyes to violent diagonal sheets tumbling over the quaking lines of her slender form. He was momentarily ensnared by the vision of black rivers flowing across pale slopes before settling into crimson.

Within seconds she was encased in a marble-like pallor, as if life itself had been dispensed from her pores. The congealed fragments that formed the vibrant chaos of Khushi were drowned out by the torrential downpour until she was supplanted by the pristine statue of Venus.

It rattled him. The force of terror, just as impressionable as his animosity, compelled him to act. Cursing at himself, at her, Arnav shoved the sliding patio panel aside. Not knowing what reaction he was about to evoke, his knees hit the muddied puddles as he carefully gathered Khushi into his arms.

Unexpectedly, her head moved to rest pliantly against him, fragile fingers curled into his collar. Relief wrenched his body as her gentle breath fanned his chest, edging out deeper contemplation of his actions.

She belonged here. The thought pulled him into the undertow of wistful. Her lids fluttered open, sending nebulous hazel clashing into imprisoned black. For a moment, the saturation of anguish dimmed.

They stood within a slate of grey above and below. And in between played the cataclysmic duet of heartbeats and heaven’s tears.

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  1. My favorite moment was when she looks away… And he is enraged by the loss of connection. I love the portrayal of the range of emotions within him… Sometimes those of a child… He wants her… He doesn’t want her. He blames her… He can’t see her in pain. He loathes the loss of control she represents… He can’t be without her. He hates to see her in his space, his garden… He feels a sense of satisfaction when she is in his arms where she belongs!

    Yes this is a tough one to pen, I bet. And I get the feeling that the emotional maturity and reconciliation is not within his grasp yet… You have given him a lot of descriptive words this time, but they are not hiding the starkness of the feelings. That’s what I love about your writing, K. Thanks for sharing.
    Love and regards,

    1. You’ve been striking with the speed of lightening bolts lately Sam!
      The rumors that men are but an overgrown child occasionally fit our Raizada like his favorite wife beater 😉

      We are merely at the cusp of realization. For some people, it is the absence of someone that carries the weight of their presence.

  2. I was listening to Titanium while reading . Bad choice. If reading this can cause a hormonal and emotional imbalance, I don’t even know how do you remain sane while writing this .
    Read the 3 parts in one go and I figured out a sort of reverse pattern of events (of the show) will ensue with regards to the experiencing protagonist . Your stories always leave a long impact in the subconscious, can’t stop thinking about them even in my sleep. Keep writing and making us laugh and sob . 🙂

    1. I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose
      Fire away, fire away
      Ricochet, you take your aim
      Fire away, fire away
      You shoot me down but I won’t fall
      I am titanium

      Those lines do drive it home don’t they?
      The lines of sanity have always been chalky, but you gals are my anchor, so I may drift, but am never lost. 🙂

  3. Wow K! This was a miasma of the starkest metaphors possible to imagine. Loved the description of the heart as an organ that was being fed on by the wolf piece by piece. Arnav’s anguish at that memorable scene…of all the episodes of IPK that I watch a din rematch time after time, this one never ever makes the lost. It is unbelievably stark and devastating, coming as it does immediately after he has told her breathing the same air as her disgusts him. The ambivalent Arnav-ASR personas completely in evidence, there is the caring lover who is unable to bear her sadness, the loss of contact the minute she looks away, then there is the ruthless Raizada who does not want to give her time of day and wishes he could stop thinking about her. Beautiful dichotomy of thoughts and feelings, no way is this easy to write, let alone read. I like to believe thought that this was one of the last hurrahs of ASR….Arnav took over soon enough, unable to help himself …..ofcourse still hiding behind the ASR facade but still very much in evidence….

    Coming back to the chapter, disturbing, startling, beautiful. Take a bow, K!



    1. Thank you my dear Anu. They have many fantastic eye lock moments, but this one has always lingered with me. The rawness arcing between them is so revealing of the depths of feeling, and yet both only paid attention to the bitter verbal camouflage. It would have been amazing to explore Arnav’s sense of betrayal and Khushi’s bewilderment, instead we get some of the most ridiculous comedy tracks that veered them forever away from this overwhelming emotional plateau. What a waste.

      1. Too true, K. Sadly the whole plot and grandeur of IPKKND dismantled like a house of cards following that sudden marriage of theirs. In retrospect, the whole take has been spun out in so many variations in all the fan fictions we have had the pleasure to read, that I dare say any of those could have been a worthwhile follow through alternative to the ghastly fiasco that it became. Regardless, looking at the muck that all other television content remains even five years on, I have to admit this show had that special something that made it gain the kind of adulation it did. But yes, loved Saudade…..simply irresistible!

        1. I agree. While I can see the need to cater to the masses ( TRP ratings and all that), I just couldn’t accept the absurdity that followed the contract marriage, that godawful Sheetal track (shuddering) The only thing that kept it together was A and K’s awesome chemsitry.

          1. Truly….it degenerated into a fiasco, though in retrospect even that seemed leagues better than standard fare on Indian television today. The fact that no one seems to have found an alternative fix to IPKKND in five years is probably proof of that!

            1. Oh absolutely. We have snakes, women who turn into snakes, snakes who transform into women, women who are snake like (even without the transformation) – yuck! And I don’t even want to get started on what is fondly termed contemporary romance. Sheesh – talk about regression.

              1. You betcha! And in IPK we only had good ok’ snakewa……who was a sort of eminently watchable alternative, much as I hated him! Haha….God save us from the snake pit!

                1. Snakewaa! Ah the good old days. The one character we all loved to hate. I must say that Abbas Mehta brought that character to life especially the part, immediately following the infamous terrace scene, where he and ASR face off. Wow, 2 fantastically gifted actors.

      2. Sigh! Arnav’s sense of betrayal, Khushi’s conundrum – That would have truly been something, yeah? Instead what do the CV’s do? Bring demented, disgusting, diabolical, deranged Dadi into the story. (Is that alliterative or what?)

    1. As Arnav becomes ASR and vice versa ..there’s elements where one feels sorry for him and then immense anger at him.. You can’t solve the problem with the same mindset with which you created it.. The line where he sees his bride as a thorn and rose amidst his garden says it all ..he sees her naeivty, Questions why She is a betrayal to him…

      Khushi has face much tragedy, adversity in life, a puppet on a string forever pasting a smile on her face while her eyes may have said otherwise… Is this the one that will break her

      1. Exactly! What makes him a successful businessman makes him a terrible emotional partner.
        I have always loved Khushi’s spirit. And there are moments I almost hated Arnav for trampling all over it. This may be a case of me seeking revenge. =p

        1. But hate and revenge are such a strong words K. Can’t you just give him a severe tongue lashing and perhaps a kick in the derriere? He can’t help it – he’s a guy. I’ve said this before, Men are from Mars and ASR is the president of the planet.

  4. Difficult piece of writing you say…. wonderful piece of writing I say, emotions coming to life in words so well. She struggles with what’ to come bearing in mind the let downs from the past she carries. He appears rattled and miserable at the emotions she is evoking…. the chief tormentor was not the thvil of betrayal but the mistreess of hope…loved it. Great way in using the rain …duet of heartbeats in between heaven’s tears….Nice.

    1. Thanks Nik! Many relationships in life would do well if we trusted our instincts more. The mind is a trickster, but it is difficult to fool Mr. Gut Instinct.

      1. I believe so, you are right. Surprising too, with so much of evolution in all spheres….our Gut does hint at right and wrong !

    1. Bloody bloody hell. =p
      At least you got out of beta duty for this. Hee. Poor Pyre didn’t know what she was signing up for when she volunteered. We may all join you in that corner. Make it comfy!

      1. I was wondering why she hadn’t poked her head in here. Playing beta is hella draining. I’ll have to send her a care pack. 😛

  5. Wow K just wow this piece was just phenomenal… I can feel the emotions Khusi is going through. Its like terrible anguish struck her heart, she felt a dreadful ache as if something was being torn inside her heart and been betrayed by some she cared trusted and cared about …. Arnav can’t seems to control all the emotions Khusi evokes in him and he’s rattle by it. He can’t seems to make up his mind whether to hate her and not. I like the fact that even thou he’s battling with his emotions, he did let her say in the rain.
    Awesome piece again K eagerly waiting for the next part😁😉

    1. Thanks Ker Ker ^^
      You know, it’s only his head that fights her. Every other part of him – heart, body, soul constantly clamor for a connection. It really is a case of stubbornness with Arnav. The only thing he trust is his mind, yet those logical cells do tend to steer him towards cold misery yeah? 😉

  6. Hey I came across this story on Jigs Twiiter.handle. I wanted to read Farewell Winter Nights and you gave me access too but it was removed when I wanted to catch up so couldn’t read it.

    Hoping to read this one. The airport scene is my fav so looking forward to read your take on it
    So far its been AWESOME.
    The emotion and turmoil of Arnav is so beautifully wriiten.

    I’ll comment in brief because I am not very expressive with words.

    1. Thanks! Words ebb and flow is accordance to how willing you are to get them past the dam 😉
      We plan to bring back FWN, check out the Rabbit Hole link up top for news.

  7. This was one of the most painful scenes in the original series and now reading it in your words feels even more emotional.
    Their love story was always portrayed in their looks mainly. And here too when Khushi moved her gaze away from Arnav, he was frustrated as the main connection between the two was lost. It reminded me of the song from the movie “Omkara”.

    Arnav can love Khushi or pretend to hate her but he cannot ignore her particularly when she is in pain.

    1. Oh thank you for sharing that!
      Some of us are connected by the power of words and that carries its own beauty.
      But there is a certain soul connection, one that is born when two heartbeats whisper quietly that takes the necessity out of the verbal exchange. That is Arnav and Khushi. And that is magic. 🙂

  8. All the emotions that they both had felt within them was same for both yet different .. Every min they had clash within them if she feels he is lonely and hurting and holds her tung back but again she wants to hate him and ask him why …. And when it comes to her he can’t control anything not his mind ,heart, thoughts .. He almost despised himself for not being able to hate her the way he wants to …

    This night after the eloping is one of my fav. scene and I had never read anything as Intense as this on this topic
    Very nice

    1. Hahaha then you need to read more sweetheart. RB is the master, I’m merely dabbling. Although, it has been a very intense dip.

      There are some people that our soul refuse to hate. Perhaps because it recognizes what our minds do not – the friends and lovers of lifetimes waiting to reconnect.

  9. Red.

    The color of bleeding hearts.
    Of broken dreams.
    The hue of tears, two hearts cry.
    Of helplessness waiting to tear at the seams.

    This piece wrenched our hearts even as the souls in question fight their own battles. Khushi has been taken for granted many a times. Her dreams and wishes trampled upon, without a second thought. Kept in a web of darkness, with confusion and doubts plaguing night and day as to why she was being punished – the magnitude of that injustice; Arnav will have to move heaven and earth to correct it.

    A myriad of opposing emotions war within him as Hope’s fingers try to clutch his hand while Betrayal’s chains hold him back from breaking free. But even the greatest is a mere puppet to language of the hearts, try as he might, he couldn’t have left her in the rain even as it soaked her being, the fresh droplets combining with salty pearls of her own.

    Absolutely Beautiful K! And yes, we can go with Niv/anything you want, cause bewitched is what I am every time your words play with the strings of my heart. I’m a fan.

    1. The bewitchment is entirely mutual Niv. I adore seeing my stories through your keen lens, I wished it was sooner, but Googleji shall be thanked for leading you down that path of this particular rabbit hole 😀

      I have always found it ironic that the Raizadas accuse the Guptas of being selfish on so many occasion, when the opposite is the reality. When it comes to Arnav and Khushi, it pains me how little consideration he gave her DESPITE being in love. But the heart wants what the heart wants yeah?

      1. In Khushi there was an innate strength to carry on, pushing resentment deep down the caves of hurt in her heart. She somehow always managed to find that silver lining. That was taken for granted. But when Arnav punctured in a way that left no area of her heart unshattered, how is she to carry on?
        His demons- I understand, but for a man who would go to any extent to exercise control, he let them take-over without a fight ? That was saddening to watch.
        The matters of the heart are only a sweet difficulty.

      2. Both the Guptas and the Raizadas are selfish. The contract marriage, it was Khushi who was slapped and subsequently treated like dirt. I mean, did they seriously think that she forced him to marry her?!!!!! But such is the way of the world. That’s why it is so difficult to understand a character like Khushi – totally selfless. You can tell I’m a little bloodthirsty where ASR is concerned.

  10. HI. Read both the parts today,for some reason I didn’t get the email notification for the first part. Story looks promising.

  11. Such conflicting emotions of both Arnav and Khushi… It is either intense hate or intense love… the love that is so passionate that it can burn us with its flame… the emotions are strong .. and I loved the way you used to create different emotions from a single word…
    You have completely made me speechless.. Thank You.. !!
    Waiting for more .. !!

  12. K Babe your writing prowess is AMAZEBALLS. Yup, in full capital letters Captain.
    You know I steer clear of angst, my poor heart can’t take it, but the way you portray their feelings is something else!
    I hated this entire track so much. My Arnav would never have left Khushi to sleep outside in the damn cold. What he does here makes so much more sense to me. No matter what he’s thinking for feeling, he can’t ignore her.
    Khushi’s thoughts just breaks my heart. So young and so in love with a man almost impossible to really understand. The poor girl must be experiencing whiplash.
    Those last three lines has me in anticipation and fear. The bride is finally where she belongs, please have the groom use his dimag!

    1. I too have a low threshold for pain. My heart is going dhak dhak as it is. I like your use of the word ‘whiplash’, ‘cos that’s how it must have been with ASR blowing hot and cold. Till today I have not watched the terrace scene, I don’t have the nerve to.

  13. One of the most intense scenes – them looking at each other and she looking away. This scene is full with contradictory emotions. He wants her and yet doesn’t or shall I say can’t. He throws her out of the room to sleep outside but can’t sleep knowing she is shivering outside.
    You have brought the intensity and all those emotions have resurfaced which I had stopped thinking about. I wonder where will they go from here? Would he ask her the question he wants to ask her? Would she ask him what she has done to have her dreams crashed like this?

    1. Thanks A. Those episodes were so difficult to watch! I’ve been marathoning certain tracks to get in the mindset and the same urge to toss whatever I’m holding at Arnav’s head is still there after all these years =p

  14. K, there’s no denying your talent. I’ve read all 3 parts many times over and I still don’t know what to say to you.
    “Since childhood far too many hands ……….. She was still Khushi” You’ve summed up the essence of Khushi in that one paragraph ‘cos that’s exactly who she was – a free spirit with an unshakeable moral compass who yearned for someone understand and accept her, her foibles, her sacrifices.
    The battle between the dil and the dimag, between ASR and Arnav, between hope and despair, between the ghosts of his past and the purgatory of his present – the emotions you’ve captured were simply awesome.

      1. K, throw me a bone here. There’s a HEA here, right? Please, pretty please. The chicken in me can’t take the suspense.

  15. No matter how gard he tries, “the Us@ is formed.

    What a way to descripted the feeling .

    You have a way with letters n words.

    It us very deep indeed, i had yo revisit the chapter twice to drap it,

    My and my incapable brain is in a whirl.

    Anxiously looking forwad for Arnav to land Dheli.

  16. Beautiful update. Amazing description of intensity of contradictory feelings of ASR/Arnav. I can feel the palpable tension just by reading. I had to reeead previous parts due to long gap but it was worth. Is he still thinking of past events while in London as I am curious to see what is Lavanya doing in beginning and looks like she is negative character here.
    Anyway there is brilliance in your writing. Please update little early if possible as curiosity is killing for now. Thanks for the notification.😀

    1. Mrieshka – you know soon never comes without an ‘ish’ and that too is imbued with a lengthy wait. 😀
      I will try! saudade continues to nag at me, it would be nice to get it inked out.

  17. Dat was… Dat was so beautiful and intense one.. I don’t know what to say more about but simply loved it.. Gud work guys.. 👏👏👌

  18. Wait, let me first nurse the open wound in my heart that won’t stop bleeding.

    Because that is what your words do – when you write with enough passion to expose every wound and yet dissect every emotion with clinical precision. The metaphors use use there work perfectly to describe the ambivalent nature of Arnav/ASR – which demons are more frightening than the one’s inside your own heart?


    1. Madam Twiggy, such a pleasure to have your company. ^^
      I enjoy the spring mix of metaphors and alliterations, hope it went down well with the ice tea. 😛

  19. Soulmates bound by destiny but torn asunder by distrust, suspicion and cynicism…Arnav’s angst, conflict, the raging battle between heart and mind and Khushi’s pulverized dreams, hopes and desires have been articulated with utmost thoughtfulness.

    K, my heart aches for these two lovers; one who subconsciously recognizes that his beloved is not deceitful; but his mistrusting mind will not allow his heart to dominate; and the other a naive young bride whose embryonic visions of love and a safe haven in her lover’s arms are cruelly destroyed, shattered into a million pieces…

    For me the visual of pounding rain is symbolic of purging of misgivings, cleansing of mind and soul and a hopeful step towards acceptance…

    K, you have taken a gut-wrenching scene and infused it with the color of belief and optimism by offering a promising conclusion. <3

    1. They have a way of gnawing at your heartstrings don’t’ they?
      It issue is that for every one step towards each other, they take ten steps back. That wayward dance piles on the sense of betrayals and misunderstanding, forcing both to keep their heart in check.

      My dear divsk, you may have to take another look at my author’s note at the end of the Prelude. I’m making no promises as to where I’m taking you gals with this journey.

      1. K dearie I think my last few words may have been a tad ambiguous…The ‘promising conclusion’ I am referring to here is the way you finished ‘Duet’…a contrite, scared lover Arnav cradling his quaking, soaking wet ‘love’ Khushi in his protective embrace versus the appalling scene from the show where an enraged, conflicted ASR numbly watched his beloved Khushi shivering in the cold by the poolside and all he did to assuage his guilt was to throw a comforter at her !! 😡
        K, I always expect only the unpredictable or unforeseeable to flow from your pen. 😉 ❤️

  20. Come to think of it, your khushi has felt what a any girl would feel, if treated this ruthlessly by the man she fell in love with. How khushi used to sleep at the poolside and dreamt of celebrating holi is beyond me.
    You have as usual portrayed both their inner turmoils such beautifully that it makes me mad at the show makers to make such a mockery of a story with so much potential.

  21. First of my big thnq you to twiggy for leading me to this blog via her conversation with up on Twitter seems on her blog.

    What a gem indeed. I agree with u. This must be an emotional drainer to pen down but it’s a delight to read.

    The way u pen Arnavs internal battle with himself, is marvellous. I could als,to feel his angst and need as I read. My fav parts;
    -The street light turning to Khushi clad in red in the rain ……
    -His anger eating his heart out but his love for her winning the battle every time and resurrecting the heart back in full force.

    Again ur words r way better than mine,…,but oh my….u have such an amazing way with words and a gnawing at heart story telling way. Ur word pull emotions off the facet in my heart I didn’t even know existed.

    Please continue and o look forward to Sonata……

    I am going to follow ….and prolly troll too…😍

  22. What can I say. Words are just not enough to express what I felt reading this update. Simply Simply beautiful and brilliant. I read it yesterday and that is the only thing on my mind as of now. I just keep going back again and again thinking about this update.
    Take a bow dear!

  23. Marvellous. It’s like beautiful piece of poetry.
    One of my favourite part from the show. Which I cried a lot while watching. And you took me one step ahead of it.
    You write it so beautifully. In show we just watch them but couldn’t hear their thoughts, but after reading it this, i can feel their emotions too.
    Thanks for writing it dear.
    Thanks for giving me access and. sending me invitation for you blog. I got it today. Going to read part one now. I am lucky that I could read your stories.👍

  24. Beautifully written part. These were some of the hardest times they went through as a couple in the series, I feel. When both of them were plagued with questions about the other’s betrayal and confusion about how everything turned south so quickly after the beautiful moments they shared all through their siblings’ wedding prep. You have brought out the emotions perfectly.They never needed words to converse. Their eyes spoke volumes of thoughts they kept chained in their hearts. Then they unleash words hurting each other. Very ajeeb they were. 🙂

    1. Thanks Thumbi. ^^ Yes, they were. The love story of Arnav and Khushi is two-fold, one of eye locks and one of verbal wars, ones understanding of their connection depends heavily on which tale is given due attention. 😉

  25. Another beautiful update!

    Khushi, born to bring happiness to others and always putting her loved ones first. And Arnav, fighting his own inner demons, a victim of his horrible past, but one who felt too strongly and completely when he did.

    “She belonged there” – they are truly two parts of a whole!

    1. Sigh… they really are the result of what happens when souls mate. There’s nothing quiet or gentle about it. It’s thunders and storms, but mesmerizing in all it’s violent glory.

  26. I am loving this dear……… Sorry for being late but this month has been totally crazy at office……… I have not been able to go through or comment on any story because of this hectic office……

    But things will settle down at office in coming 3/4 days………

    So I will resume my comments in coming week……. Please forgive me……..

    Till then love you girls……………

    (orchids8888 from IF)

  27. Hey! I have always admired the way you portray such painful emotions so beautifully. Their electrifying eye-locks were the most significant in their relationships. And you have captured that so amazingly with your words. I also love how you’ve described Khushi’s spirit!
    Right from the pictures, to the titles, and the carefully woven words, Saudade is just giving me too many Arshi feels. Everything about this is painfully beautiful.
    While I can imagine how draining this must be, I do hope your inspiration strikes soon, and we get to read more of your amazing writing! 🙂

  28. Truly amazing!! It really amazes me how you play with words so beautifully…I can almost feel myself inside their minds, feeling what they are feeling. You have a wonderful gift of words. I am sure it doesn’t come easy. But thanks for sharing this gift

  29. This chapter is so painful. Hats off to you. You write there emotions so well.I imagine every scene when I read. I like thr way you describe there thoughts. Will wait for next update. Thank u for this beautiful update.

  30. It’s easy to empathise with Arnav’s agony..
    you write beautifully.. taking the reader into the character’s inner thoughts so effortlessly ..

  31. hello dear….
    i think your words have casted a spell on meh….yeh right..!!
    m so drowned to each of your work…!!
    this piece of story is so intense with emotions…!!
    take a bow….for this outstanding writing…!!
    waiting to read more of this…!!

  32. This is extremely well written…. And incredible word play. It isnt common to be able to create visuals of emotions in a readers mind, but do that with such flair! Kudos !

  33. Oh ShipperK.It is amazing how well you can think on behalf of Arnav and portray him so eloquently. The anguish, the uncertainty, anxiety and arrogance is nothing but Arnav personified. Hats off to you for being so powerfully potent with a pen on mere paper !!!!!

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