Welcome to our playground!

A warm welcome to dear friends and fresh faces.

If you are here, we hope you’re planning to indulge that wild streak of adventure. πŸ˜‰

This space is a playground where we shall be mining the depths of riveting characters and exploring the chemistry of our favorite lovers.

While Arnav & Khushi of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon has taken up permanent residence in our hearts, there shall be occasional guests should they decide to knock at our doors in the wee midnight hours.

Before you begin exploring, please take a few moments to acquaint yourself with our Playground Rules.

Our pens are young and lacking refinement.

However, should you be willing to navigate these waters with us, we promise entertainment, some bubbling of laughter and at least one breathy sigh. Deal?


sm16Β  &Β  shipperK


  1. And I am here dearest S & K!! Just subscribed to the site! Thank you!!

    I admire you ladies for not giving up on your stories/blog in spite of all the challenges you have faced, the vilest of them being plagiarism.

    Looking forward to all the stories & interaction with you lovely ladies & fellow readers…


  2. It’s awesome. Everything looks so fresh and new. Excited.
    It’s going to fun.
    Thansk for inviting me to this new jeourney.


  3. Yay!!! S and K, the blog looks as yummy as Barun is.

    And I really thought along with Barun’s pic, you would have put Murat Baey’s pic too.
    Umm, something to think about girls.

    Looking forward for an exciting journey with some hot, steamy and passionate encounters in our virtual worlds.

  4. HI. I am unable to subscribe to your blog, please help. I have been part of your journey for a long time now and I would be really sad should this journey stop for some reason. Kindly help by adding me to your sound follow list.

  5. Hello Ladies!
    I really appreciate your decision to take forth the adventures. I am happy you could work on a solution to the cowardly plagiarism.
    Excited to begin the journey <3

  6. Hello Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Longgggggggggggggggg time Captain K. Ai Aii Captain. this site looks brilliant, I am gonna be waiting just like old time.

  7. Hayeee…this is such a stunning site 😍
    M loving the aura it is creating.Freshness, beauty, excitement , joy…me loving it.
    Have BM n subscribed too.
    Looking forward to more awesome stuff here

    Cheers to you guys ✌️

  8. OMFG! This site is 100% amazeballs babes! I love you both dammit!
    Happy to be part of this and I’m excited for all the future adventures. πŸ˜€

  9. It’s such a fresh and aborably new feel coming to this blog.
    Although I was a new reader to ur previous blog but happy that I make it to ur new one too.
    Great job

  10. I am visiting your blog for the first time . A big thank you to both of you and all the other wonderful writers for continuing to give us such wonderful writings inspite of all the issues of plagiarism. I would also like to thank you for the effort you have made in showcasing the works of some of the best writers through the Hall of fame. I am relatively a late entrant and have not had an opportunity to read some of the writings appearing in your Hall of fame. Catching up with the ones still available .

    Looking forward to reading your stories.

  11. *phew*
    finally cud find my way through here!!! ..it literally took so much time (Took 3 days numerous attemts)
    But I am glad cud manage through all technical errors the site giving me……though will get time to used to scroll & browse through!!
    Congratulations on your new playground… Looking forward to go through new world all over again…
    Let the game begin in this playground…
    All the best!!!
    Keep Writing Darlings!!!

  12. Hey guys!
    I have been gone a long while and I am sorry for that! But I am back now and I absolutely love what you guys have done here. The blog looks wonderful from what I have seen so far and I am sure the rest is just as wonderful!! Now I am going to go explore the rest of it and comment where I can πŸ˜€ I am so glad to be back here! πŸ˜€

  13. Awesome new blog…thanks for opening it back up again….would love to experience the NYC adventures with my fav Arnav and Khushi again….had read your story before in parts and have been MIA from the Arshi world for a while but back again and looking forward to starting with FWN in 2017. Thanks for sharing your story with us S and K…..love your style and can’t wait to start to read again.

  14. Super excited to be here and to partake in all the exciting adventures created by the two of you !! Here’s to two incredibly gifted writers whose honesty in their writing and penmanship takes my breadth away !! πŸ™‚ ship13(IF)

  15. Happy Valentine’s Day lovely ladies
    I wanted a platform to wish you both and your readers and i chose this page – hope it’s ok dears
    I just got to know from dearest manreet’s OS that K is not unwell –
    Wishing her a speedy recovery
    Missing u guys –

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