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  1. After Happy new year, it seems Happy holi is here🥰. Your world is usually a complicated mess of many colours in various shades & readers get drenched in it, feeling blissful in d end. So let’s one more round of these many colours begin🥰

    Happy holi to both of u.. cheers..

  2. Oh.. Cant wait to read. But there is one problem my exams are coming, will take time to read. Haven’t read last part of epilogue of FWN still. Just waiting for the exams to end.
    But Thnx so much for sharing your beautiful stories with us.
    Happy Holi.

  3. Ye ye, bring it on.You girls are opening one more story,oh my I am loving it.Fabulous.Will be waiting to read.And Happy Holi.

  4. Hi ShipperK ..welcome back…very excited for the new journey Ampersand…Thank you so much for giving us another wonderful story…Love to read it…Eagerly waiting to read…Take care and be safe

  5. Glad to see you girls back….. Welcome and thank you for making me a part of your new beautiful journey….

  6. Firstly, Happy Holi to you and family!

    Secondly, I sincerely apologise that I didn’t give feedback to FWN’s Epilogues & its following chapters… it’s becoz I didn’t get a chance to read them. I did take a peek, but with things happening at work and at home front … I know it’s not an excuse, but still I’d like to apologise. Will make it a time and hopefully it’ll happen.

    Well, not sure if you’ll be posting a new Arshi fic, but I’m definitely in for this (new) journey. Anything for my fave Jodi – Arnav & Khushi. ❤️🥰

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